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lighting / chandeliers

Venetian Crystal Drop Chandelier

29" diameter; 84" high

French Bagues six light chandelier. Gilt metal bird cage frame with fine floral and crystal decoration.

26" wide; 32" high

Venetian Murano Six-Light Chandelier

23.5" diameter; 28" high

Venetian Glass Chandelier

21" diameter; 40" high

Unique Light Pendant with Green Glass Florets

10" diameter, 17.5" high

Polychrome Metal Ten-Light Faux Custom Bamboo Chandelier

40" diameter; 36" high

Crystal and gilt bronze French bird cage style chandelier. Circa 1920

19" wide; 28" high

Empire style brass and frosted glass with relief design. Mid century.
Pair available.

26" wide; 24" high

Decorative iron lantern with six light electrified cluster. Verdi green finish with vine and fruit overall design.

21" wide; 35" high

Italian iron eight light chandelier.

35" wide; 44" high

Late 19th century brass and etched glass lantern.

18" wide; 38" high

Decorative hand painted lantern with electrified cluster.

18" wide; 38" high

Italian eight light poly chrome chandelier. Mid century.

39" wide; 38" high

SOLD - Italian gilt six light chandelier. Mid century.

35" wide; 36" high

SOLD - Etched bell lantern with smoke globe. Electrified three light cluster. Brass structure. Late 19th century.

12" wide; 29" high

SOLD - French "Little Bo Peep" hand made brass and iron four light chandelier. Late 19th century.

28" wide; 15" deep; 33" high

SOLD - Large Custom Italian Lucite Rock Crystal Ten Light Chandelier.

56" wide; 70" high

SOLD - Crystal and Gilt Iron Twelve Light Chandelier

40" diameter; 49" high